Sidock Systems can custom design and fabricate modular process equipment and control systems for chemical and process related industries.  Generally, if the customer's process can be modularized and trucked, Sidock Systems can provide the customer full design and fabrication for the system.  Sidock Systems' service to the customer is a total integration of process equipment, electrical, instrumentation and controls, structural and other related process components into a unified skid-mounted mobile system.

Sidock Systems Offers:
  • Process Innovation
  • Chemical Process Design
  • System Component Specifications
  • Equipment System Fabrication
  • Instrumentation and Controls Design
  • Systems Integration

Sidock Systems' design and fabrication contracts typically include the following elements:

  • Pre-engineering services to assist the customer in defining its process needs
  • Detailed design and fabrication of the process equipment, including the mechanical and electrical components, instrumentation controls, and structural steel
  • Specification and procurement of materials utilizing as many of the customer's site specific materials as possible
  • Shop acceptance by the customer prior to shipment
  • Arrangement for shipment to the customer's site
  • Assistance in installing the modular system at the customer's site
  • Assistance in start-up and commissioning the modular system at the customer's site
  • Field acceptance by the customer
    Modular Advantages
  • Higher quality completed process systems at lower costs

  • Compressed project start-up schedules and greatly reduced plant site disruption

  • Single source responsibility for design, fabrication, and start-up assistance

  • Allows use of existing buildings with little, if any, modifications since modules have their own equipment supports

  • Allows for movement of the modules in the future

  • Maximizes the retention of invested capital in the process system

Special Services
For specific types of projects and circumstances, Sidock Systems will not only design and fabricate the customer's modular system, but also rent or lease it to the customer.  In very special circumstances, it can also operate the modular system for the customer on a contract basis.  This latter example may be applicable in the case of an environmental control system.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss these special services with our potential customers.

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Last Updated:  19-Nov-08