Founded in 1921 and under third generation Owners/Operators, Muskegon Valve is your one-stop supplier for process valve services in the Great Lakes Area.  Our Client list includes steel mills, power generation, paper plants, chemical and petroleum facilities, food processing facilities, and municipal water treatment plants, to name a few.  From high pressure steam valves to stainless food processing valves, Muskegon Valve should be your preferred Partner.
    Services and Specialties
  • Complete registered engineering services - structural, mechanical, electrical

  • Control systems & SCADA

  • Provide new or re-built valves

  • Inline and bench repair services for a wide variety of industrial valves

  • Valve re-build, reconditioning and modification



  • Valve replacement with pipe stress analysis

  • Valve installation

  • Manufacture of valve parts

  • Field inspection and valve condition survey

  • High pressure steam engine, bronze & brass, safety valves, gas valves, liquid valves, stainless, hyperion piping



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Last Updated:  19-Nov-08